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Administrative Amendments

City Code, Chapter 57, section 5:122, paragraph (5)

(5) Administrative amendments to approved site plans. A minor change to an approved site plan may be approved by the Planning and Development Services Manager or designee if the Community Services area Administrator, Public Services Area Administrator, and Fire Chief verify in writing that the change will not significantly alter natural features shown to be preserved nor alter or conflict with the stated conditions of site plan approval. The Planning and Development Services Manager or designee shall provide regular reports to the Planning Commission of administrative amendments acted upon by the planning and development services unit. A minor change is 1 or more of the following:

(a) Change to or addition of development phasing lines.

(b) Change in building height that does not create new floor area.

(c) Relocation of sidewalks.

(d) Change of location or type of landscape or screening materials. Where more landscaping area or materials are shown than required by Chapter 62, these elements may be reduced by no more than 20% of the additional amount originally approved.

(e) Relocation of refuse collection stations.

(f) Internal rearrangement of parking lot.

(g) Decrease in building size.

(h) Moving a building no more than 10 feet or 5% of the distance to the closest property line, whichever is smaller.

(i) An increase in building size that does not exceed 10,000 square feet or 10% of the floor area, whichever is smaller.

(j) Extension of site plan approval for periods up to 2 years if the plan is in compliance with current laws and regulations.

(k) Relocation or addition of no more than 50% of the approved storm water detention capacity.

(l) Change in species or placement of plant material included in an approved mitigation plan, as long as the change does not result in a reduction of plant material or area from the original plan and the change meets the intent of the approved mitigation plan.

(m) Substitution of areas to be preserved in an approved natural features protection plan, as long as there is no net loss of preserved area, the cumulative area to be changed does not exceed 250 square feet of the original area to be preserved in the approved protection plan, and the substitution is consistent with the Review Criteria for Natural Features Statement of Impact.

(n) Removal of a tree identified on the site plan as a landmark tree to be saved, but recognized as an invasive species at the time of approval of the administrative amendment.

(o) Addition of 1 freestanding storage building greater than 240 square feet of floor area, but not to exceed 5,000 square feet of floor area, 5% of the lot area, and 14 feet in height.

(p) Addition of carports over existing legal parking spaces.

(q) Replacement or enhancement of a wireless communications tower to accommodate co-location, provided that the tower is not relocated more than 15 feet from the base of the original tower, nor is increased in height more than 20 feet above the original tower height and meets all other applicable regulations.

(r) Canopy structures over vehicular use areas.