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3. Third Plan (2009-10)

Another Development

The second plan to develop the 1430 South Maple site into a private student dormitory failed for lack of financing. A new plan is in the works. A real estate broker contacted members of the neighborhood to discuss this new plan. See the email exchange for details on that discussion.

On August 25, 2009, we met with the agent, architect, and developer. From our neighborhoods, Jack Eaton, Jim Boyd, Tom Ivacko, Marian Williams and Linda Pickl attended. Scott Griffin, real estate agent, J. Bradley Moore, architect, and Alex de Parry, developer explained the project.

Essentially, the buildings would retain the appearance of the 42 North project. Each building would have some parking beneath the building to reduce the need for ground level parking. The configuration of apartments would vary, with some 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. The units would be marketed to an upscale demographic. The project would retain the footprint of the 42 North buildings and require the same off-site wetland mitigation plan.

The third plan relied on the site plan approved by Council for 42 North. After the 42 North site plan was approved, Council approved changes to the zoning laws. When the developers of the third plan sought an extension of the site plan, that extension was denied because it did not comply with the new zoning rules. 

These are the updates posted while the third plan was pending. Apparently, this development failed. A different project was announced in early 2012. Please see the page Fourth Plan.

10/12/2011 - AnnArborDotCom has an article discussing the expiration of the 42 North site plan

- I sent an email to planning staff asking about the status of 42 North. Matt Kowalski sent the following reply:

Hi Jack,

My apologies for the delay.  The 42 North site plan has expired and the Administrative Amendment has been denied.  Any new project for this site or even revised 42 North plans will need to be processed in the same manner as all new site plans. This would require review/approval from City Staff, Planning Commission and City Council.  

Please let me know any additional questions you have.

Thank you,


Matthew J. Kowalski  AICP
City Planner
City of Ann Arbor, MI
734.794.6265 General
ext 42612 Direct

9/27/2011 - Planning staff sent a letter dated August 18, 2011 to the project engineer to inform him that the site plan does not comply with the zoning requirements. That letter includes the following:

"The plan does not comply with the new zoning standards for R4B zoning districts. In particular, the MAXIMUM setback of principal buildings. Planning staff cannot approve extension of a site plan that does not comply with zoning standards in effect at the time of the extension request. Please revise plans to indicate compliance with existing zoning standards for the district." [emphasis added]

It will be interesting to see whether the developer can modify the building set backs and still be eligible for an administrative extension. Clearly, the prior site plan has expired.

- The real estate agency handling the site continues to list the property as available:

The property consists of 15 acres of vacant land that is already zoned multi-family. The property is mostly level, with some gentle rolling and woods along I-94. This is the largest remaining parcel in Ann Arbor with this multi-family zoning classification.
Location Remarks:    
The property is located on the west side of Maple Rd, approximately 1/2 mile south of Liberty Rd. It is bordered by Maple Rd on the east, I-94 on the west, Grace Bible Church on the north, and Surrey Park Apartments on the south.
Griffin Properties

7/13/2011 - The City's web site notes the following:
    "(7/13/2011 10:04 AM MG1) A request to extend the site plan expiration date from 9/8/2011 to 9/8/2013. No changes to the previously approved site plan or development agreement are proposed. The approved plan proposes 5 three-story buildings containing 120 apartments, a clubhouse and 30 garages."

7/5/2011 A neighbor pointed out a June 19 article on annarbordotcom that reported interest in a site on S. Maple for use as an assisted living center:
  • In Ann Arbor, a Louisville, KY, company is eyeing an undeveloped piece of land along South Maple Road between West Liberty Street to the north and Scio Church Road for a 60-bed health care center. Paul Plevyak, of Trilogy Healthcare, said the Washtenaw Health Campus would include assisted living and residential care.
6/7/11 In reviewing the City's web page related to this development, we note that Planning staff believes that the 42 North site will not be developed any time soon. As you may recall, the 42 North plan would have split the Church property into two separate sites. Each of those sites was the subject of a separate site plan - one for 42 North and the other plan for changes to the Church. Both plans made use of improved utilities and relocated wetlands. The developer received approval of an administrative extension to the plan for the Church site. In an email, a City planner said: "The 42 North site plan expires in October 2011 and at this time it appears unlikely that the project will be built."

3/1/11 The Church and Midwest Consulting have applied for an extension to the approval of the 1430 South Maple site plan. Click here for the City's page about this application.

12/13/10 Nothing new to report. One of the participants in this new plan currently has a controversial development pending before Council. That may be distracting him from this project. For more information, see Heritage Row.

7/31/10 - Nothing to report. We don't expect any news until after the election.

4/23/10 update
- We received a call from the owner of the Surrey Park Apartments. That is the complex of single story garden apartments directly south of the 42 North site. He informed us that the developer called him and asked to meet to discuss the new plan. He will update us if there is anything new.

First Contact

On February 4, 2010, we received an email from a real estate agent working with the GBC (owners of the South Maple Road property that would have been 42 North). He asked to meet with a few of us to discuss a new development proposal. We have started a new page for news about this third version of the south maple development. The email exchange between the agent and our neighbors can be found on this page.


After the February 25, 2010 meeting, we prepared this update:

On Thursday night February 25, Tom, Jack, Marian, Linda and Jim attended a meeting with the Realtor for the 42 North property and a developer.  They are in the early stages of a new proposal for the property, and were seeking community input.  We were not shown any detailed plans, it appears they are still very much in the formative stage.
  • The major changes to the 42 North plan would be:
  • switch from a student to an active adult market
  • decrease residency from 480 to approximately 370
  • 1,2, and 3, bedroom apartments
  • 370 parking spaces total (down from 484 with 42 North)
  • move approximately 200 (of the 370) parking spaces underneath (below grade) the residence buildings
  • telemonitoring for each unit
These changes would allow for greater setbacks, fewer total parking spaces, and less impermeable surface.  They envision apartments renting in the $800-1,200 range.

Retained from the 42 North proposal:
  • 5 residence buildings approx. 70x200’
  • 1 clubhouse with indoor pool, wellness and community centers
  • 3 story, 30’ tall buildings
  • entrance and development layout
  • wetland mitigation

We approached the meeting as an opportunity to gather information on the project, and welcome everyone’s comments and questions regarding it.

We will post updates as we learn more.

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