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We will use this page to post links to news stories about the proposed student housing project called The Grove.

Local News

July 22, 2012 AnnArbordotcom - What's next for the student housing project proposed for Grace Bible Church site in Ann Arbor?

March 2012 Ann Arbor Observer -  Suburban Students? Neighbors oppose the Grove.

February 9, 2012, Ann Arbor dot com - "We just don't want you here" Ann Arbor residents tell student housing developer.

January 19, 2012, Ann Arbor dot com - New student housing project proposed for Grace Bible Church site raises concern at public meeting.

January 13, 2012, Ann Arbor dot com - Developer proposes new 224-unit student housing project for Grace Bible Church site in Ann Arbor.

Other Communities

Links to sites about The Grove and its parent company Campus Crest

In the comments to the news posting about the proposed Grove development, readers provided the following links:

"The CEO of a company that completed a $380-million Wall Street IPO in 2010 was a fugitive from justice for more than two years for failure to pay child support."
"The stories of broken promises, delayed opening and initial unfavorable living conditions were not just being told at The Grove at the University of South Alabama. Similar stories were also being told by students at Abilene, Texas, and Ellensburg, Wash."
"A North Carolina company, currently a darling among Wall Street investors, goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid hiring blacks, according to a federal lawsuit filed by one current and two former employees."
"At least three former or current Campus Crest employees have filed lawsuits alleging the company engages in sex and race discrimination. The cases are pending..."

If you use FaceBook, here is a facebook page for people who have complaints about "The Grove" housing projects near various college campuses around the country:

"I live in the grove valdosta, ga. This is the first year they have been built, and I am the first resident to ever live in my apartment, and there are so many things wrong. It is poorly built, we have holes and scratches all over the walls and floors, uncaulked windows, and paint all over our furniture. The staff is young and have no idea how to answer a question. And the management has no motivation whatsoever to fix what is broken. ..."

Also look at this alarming news editorial:

"Three men were still in a Fort Worth hospital last night, three days after falling from a third story balcony while attending a party at one of Denton’s newest student-living apartment complexes."