Grove's FAQ

We are assuming that this development named "The Grove" is part of the chain of Grove student developments across the country. On that company's web page, they answer common questions from students and parents. (click on the name of any city with an existing Grove development and scroll down to the student FAQ) FAQ means "frequently asked questions.

At the bottom of this page, we have attached the Resident Profile card that students fill out before leasing. The information in those cards is used to match students when a student does not have enough roommates to fill an apartment.

We have highlighted some questions and answers in red related to the practice of leasing with each individual tenant. Nothing in the current zoning code expressly allows for this kind of arrangement.

Student FAQ

Are utilities included? 
Yes. The Grove will cover all water, sewer, trash utility costs. Electricity costs up to $90 per unit in the 3-bedroom unit and $60 in the 2-bedroom unit will also be covered. If an apartment exceeds this amount (and it really shouldn't because they are new and very efficient apartments) each resident is individually billed for the overage, divided by how many residents are in the apartment.

Is Internet included?
Yes. High speed Internet in every bedroom is included.

Is cable TV included? 
Yes. Cable TV with a full line up of channels will be provided in every bedroom.

Are there washers and dryers on the property?
Yes. Every apartment comes equipped with a washer and dryer.

Are meal plans required in The Grove? 
All apartments come with a full kitchen, which includes a dishwasher and full size refrigerator. So, you can prepare your own meals without the means of a meal plan. However, meal plans are offered on campus if you are interested in purchasing one. 

Are pets allowed? 
Most of our Grove communities are pet friendly. Please call our friendly associates at your Grove location to find out whether or not your pet can live at the Grove with you! Please remember that the size and weight of your pet must be approved by the General Manager at your Grove community.

What's the difference between The Grove lease-agreement and other apartment leases? 
The Grove offers individual leases per person, rather than per apartment. Therefore, you are never responsible for your roommate's rent if he or she fails to pay.

How much does it cost? 
Prices vary by community. So please call our friendly, knowledgeable associates at your schools' Grove to find out how affordable it is to get into your Grove.

Are the apartments furnished? 
Yes. All apartments are furnished with full size beds, a desk, a chair, chest-of-drawers, dining set, sofa, arm chair and table.

Are there hidden fees or service costs?
No. Other than your monthly rent, there is a $250 community fee and a remote chance that you may be billed for an electric overage, but that's it! There are no other fees or service charges. The Grove takes care of all utility deposits, hook up fees and utility service payments.

What if I need maintenance in my room? 
The Grove will have its own maintenance staff. You can request maintenance by email, by calling our office or in person at the Club House desk.

Can I choose my roommates? 
Yes. Along with your lease agreement, you will receive a resident profile card. You can write in the name the roommate you want to live with, and we'll make sure you are assigned together.

Do I need to find my own roommates to sign up for The Grove? 
No. The Grove leases by-the-bed. When we send you a lease-agreement, we will ask you to complete a Resident Profile Card which is a questionnaire about lifestyle and preferences. We will use this profile card to match you up with roommates of similar interests. We spend a lot of time on roommate assignments to ensure you'll have the best roommate match.

Are any students given preference or priority in The Grove? 
No. The Grove is leased on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, it is important that you lease as soon as practical to secure an accommodation for next year.

Can I have overnight guests? 
Yes. As long as you have discussed your guest's stay with your roommates, you can have overnight guests for up to three consecutive nights.

I'm graduating in December. Can I get out of my Grove lease-agreement? 
The Grove does not allow people to get out of their lease agreements. The Grove does allow tenants to find someone to take over their lease agreements for them. The responsibility however is that of the tenant to find a replacement. Contact the Grove directly to find out ways to make finding a replacement a little bit easier!

Is there parking on site? Do I have to pay to park? 
Yes. There is a parking space for every resident in the Grove, and to top it all off it is FREEEEE!!! (Save your cash for dinner)

Is there a curfew at The Grove? 
No. The Grove is an apartment facility and offers students a lot of freedom in an academic setting. However, residents are expected to behave in a mature, responsible and courteous manner while living in the community. You are living here with hundreds of other students!

Will there be Resident Assistants at The Grove?
Yes. Well at least the Grove version of RA's, commonly called Community Assistants! CA's will live onsite and will be available 24 hours a day to assist you. CA's will also provide various social and recreational activities for Grove residents and their guests.

Can I request a specific room or building in The Grove? 
Absolutely! We will try our best to accommodate all special requests. These requests can be made on the resident profile card as well as the application. Keep in mind that we operate on a first come first serve basis at the Grove so it is not always possible to grant you all of your preferences!

Can I smoke at the Grove?
No. We do not permit smoking in the apartments or inside the clubhouse. If you need a puff, go outside.

I'm getting ready to move in, what should I bring?
Here's a list of smart items to get you started:

Shower Rod and Curtain
Toilet Paper
Toilet Brush
Bathroom Mat
Shower Caddy
Toothbrush Holder
Bathroom Towels
Mop & Broom 
Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning Supplies
Laundry Basket
Laundry Detergent
Bedding (Sheets, Comforter, Pillows)
Dish Towels
Dishes (Plates, Bowls, Cups)
Pots and Pans
First Aid Kit
Trash Can
Alarm Clock
Curtains & Rod
Iron & Ironing Board
Bulletin Board or Dry Erase Board
Pot holders
Drain Board (Dish Rack)
Light Bulbs

Parent FAQ

The Grove is not your ordinary apartment complex. It's more than just a place for your student to rest their head, it's a place for them to come alive and be a part of a college community. We have gone to great lengths to ensure all your student's needs are met from the moment they become a resident. Every apartment has a washer and dryer, walk-in closet, private bathroom, spacious bedrooms and living area and beautiful furniture. We strive to make sure your student has programs that they can participate in to meet friends and be a part of our student- focused community. The Grove is minutes from the campus and our 24-hour on-site management and on call staff ensure your student is safe and secure. Don't leave your children to fend for themselves in an ordinary apartment building living next to just anyone. The Grove is specially designed to give you peace of mind and to give your student everything they need to be a success at school.

South Maple Group,
Jan 10, 2012, 11:57 AM