Citizen Participation

Public Participation

The development team has conducted two citizen participation meetings. For more information about the citizens participation ordinance, see our page "Citizens Participation".

The first meeting on January 19, was briefly described in the news article New student housing project proposed for Grace Bible Church site raises concern at public meeting. At the end of that meeting, the developer promised a second meeting to provide residents with information they did not bring to the first meeting.

A second meeting was held on February 8 at the Dicken Elementary School. That meeting is briefly covered in the article "We just don't want you here" Ann Arbor residents tell student housing developer. The developer had promised this second meeting to give them a chance to circulate the revised site drawings and to allow them to bring requested financial information. The drawing was not circulated before the meeting and no further information was provided at the meeting.

The next step will be an Advisory Development Committee Meeting between the development team and planning staff to discuss the project. That meeting will be open to the public. We will try to have a couple neighborhood representatives attend the meeting. After that meeting, the developer will have the opportunity to address concerns raised by city staff. When all questions regarding the proposal have been resolved, planning staff will prepare a report and the site plan will be sent to the Planning Commission.

Previous Update
On Thursday January 19 members of the developer's team met with more than 50 neighbors to describe the proposed student housing project. Ann Arbor dot com has a brief description of the meeting in its article New student housing project proposed for Grace Bible Church site raises concern at public meeting. We will post an update with our summary of the meeting, soon. Importantly, the developer's team promised to hold a second meeting. That meeting will allow us time to review the modified site drawing they presented at the meeting and will provide them a chance to supply information requested by the neighbors, that they did not have with them at the meeting.

Please plan to attend the Public Participation meeting being held by the developer. This will provide an opportunity for the neighborhoods surrounding the project site to learn the details of the developer's plan. Bring your neighbors, listen with an open mind and ask the developer any question you have. The purpose of the public participation meeting is for neighbors to learn the details of a project and provide constructive feedback before a developer submits its site plan to the City.

The Grove Citizen's Participation Meeting
Thursday January 19th from 6:30 to 8pm
Grace Bible Church, 1300 South Maple Road.
Ann Arbor MI 48103

We will continue to update this page, as we learn more. On Saturday January 14, we sent an email to everyone currently on our list. If you did not receive that message but want to be on our email list, please contact us at Please provide your full name and home address, so we can contact you in a hurry if needed. Sorry for the error message some of you have received by using the address previously displayed at the bottom of this page.

You may also want to refresh your memory about the issues we have had with previous development proposals for this property. Those issues are discussed on the sub-pages below the First Plan (2007) page and the Second Plan (2008) page. We have also added a page that briefly touches on our current concerns and have listed links on that page to news from other cities with Grove developments.