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5. Fifth Plan (2015)

The developer informed the City on October 29, 2015 that it was withdrawing the site plan from consideration. The project originally called Meadowwinds Apartments, which was later called The Vue, is no longer proceeding through the planning process.

On January 24, 2015, the South Maple group received notice of a citizens participation meeting for a new proposed development on the property at 1430 S. Maple Road. This proposal is for 20 acres, where prior proposals were for just 15 acres. It appears that the proposal includes the extra acreage where the prior plans would have placed the wetland mitigation site (immediately west of the church site, adjacent to the highway.

As you know, the citizens participation meeting is meant to inform neighbors of the proposed development and give those neighbors an opportunity to raise concerns. We hope you will attend and listen to the plans.

A pdf file of the postcard is attached at the bottom of this page.

January 28, 2015

The local news blog, mLive.com, posted an article about the proposed project prior to the citizens participation meeting.
1/28/2015 mLive - 318-unit apartment complex proposed on Maple Road on Ann Arbor's west side. That article included this:
"Steve Schafer, owner of Schafer Development, has plans for 318 market-rate apartments in eight buildings, each with three levels of apartments above interior parking. There also would be some exterior parking and a community building.
"Schafer said there would be a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units in what's being called Meadowinds Apartments."

That article included an illustration of the site:
The illustration shows an area north of the 42 North site, adjacent to the highway, as being included. Originally, this area, where the Church currently has soccer fields, would have been used for the wetland mitigation site. At the February 5 citizens participation meeting the developer informed the public that the Church and City were not amenable to using that area. The mitigation site is now planned for the area between Hansen Nature Area and the highway, just north of the soccer fields.

2/12/2015 - Prior to the citizens participation meeting, the developer had indicated it would use the five acres adjacent to the highway, just north of the 42 North site, for wetland mitigation. That area is used by the Church as a soccer field, currently. This was also indicated on the map included in the mLive.com article. At the meeting, the developer showed some residents a map that showed the mitigation site in an area north of the soccer fields (between the highway and Hansen Nature Area) with just a thin strip of property between the soccer fields and the highway connecting the Meadowinds site with the mitigation area.
Additionally, during the meeting, the developer explained that storm water would be directed from the site through pipes that run down Pauline to Stadium the north to Liberty. This would save the Lawton neighborhood from additional flooding problems. Unfortunately, it will now compound the flooding problems we saw on Pauline during the last huge storm. Basically, this modification shifts flooding concerns from an overwhelmed Malletts Creek watershed to an overwhelmed Allen's Creek watershed.

4/20/2015 - On Friday April 17, 2015, City staff held an Advisory Development Committee for the proposed development on South Maple. The developer had previously called this development "The Meadowinds", but now calls it "The Vue". A notable feature of this site plan is the odd configuration of the site to connect the remote wetland mitigation area with the primary site. The site map is below, with the 15 acre development at the south end (bottom) of the site and the wetland mitigation area at the north (top). Note the thin area along the west that connects the two separate areas.

A wetland mitigation plan has not been accepted because staff is waiting for the State to delineate the existing wetlands. Staff raised other problems with the site plan. The wetland mitigation and resolution of the problems will need to be addressed before the plan moves to Planning Commission.

7/31/2015 - On July 8, 2015, the City's Stormwater and Floodplain Programs Coordinator issued a memo that included the following:

I have reviewed the proposed site plan, dated 6-19-15, and provide the following comments for the petitioner:

Storm Water Management

1. Per Chapter 63, section 5:655(1) all residential developments containing greater than four units within two or more detached structures must be reviewed and receive preliminary plan approval from the Washtenaw County Drain  Commissioner’s Office prior to approval by the City of Ann Arbor. Preliminary
plan approval is required from the WCDC before City Staff can recommend this petition for approval to the Planning Commission. Please address all comments provided on the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office (WCWRC) review letter dated July 1, 2015.

2. Please address the Malletts Creek Coordinating Committee comments from their July 8th, 2015 meeting.

3. City staff does not support the proposed stormwater design concept of redirecting runoff from the Mallets Creek basin to the Allen Creek basin (or any other watershed). Increasing runoff rate or volume to Allen Creek is just as problematic, or more, as Malletts Creek.

4. The outlet from the southwest detention basin is proposed on a newly constructed slope area in a manner that is likely to create an erosion problem, and is inconsistent with the design criteria on Chapter 63, Section 5:664(8). Please change the discharge location to the bottom of the slope area and incorporate an energy dissipator type of design at the outlet.

Based on our review, this petition should not be scheduled for Planning Commission action until the items noted have been addressed.

October 29, 2015 - The developer withdrew the site plan. Click here to see the email.

South Maple Group,
Jan 24, 2015, 12:20 PM