The South Maple group formed to oppose a plan to build an enormous student housing development at the headwaters of the three main watersheds in our area. Residents from the surrounding neighborhoods, including apartment complexes, condominium communities and single family residences, joined forces with members of a watershed group and an apartment complex owner.

The development was intended to be built on 15 acres near the intersection of South Maple and Pauline on the west side of Ann Arbor. The first plan was for a "planned development" that required approval of a plan that did not fit the zoning applicable to the site. The first plan was not approved by City Council.

The second plan claimed to meet all zoning requirements of the zoning district. After a lengthy fight, the City Council approved that plan. Subsequently, the developer abandoned its plans, reportedly due to a lack of financial backing

A third plan was proposed by a local developer. That plan also claimed to be within the restrictions of the zoning district. Additionally, it would not be marketed to students and would have some of its parking spaces located under the buildings. That plan was never submitted to the City.

Between the third and fourth plans, agents of the property owner requested an administrative extension for the approved 42 North site plan. That request was denied because the City had changed the technical requirements for the zoning district and the 42 North site plan no longer conformed with zoning regulations.

A fourth plan was announced by a different national company. The company has a chain of student housing projects located in many states. The company used some of the same local talent that were involved in the two versions of 42 North. The development team held the public meetings and scheduled a pre-submission meeting with planning staff. Later the developers canceled that meeting and made no further contact with the City. In July 2012, a local news outlet reported that the developer did not intend to build on this site.

As of February 2013, there is no pending plan to build on the site at 1430 South Maple.

This group and this web site are meant to keep the South Maple neighborhoods informed about the development plans for 1430 South Maple. Please check back occasionally for updates.

If you receive notice of a new project, let us know. The City's system for providing notice often fails to include neighborhood groups and nearby residents who live in the township.